May 28, 2011


Perpendicular Realities, Tesseracts, and other odd phenomena by Laura Knight-Jadczyk


Unstable gravity waves unlock as yet unknown secrets of quantum physics to make the picture crystal clear.

Gravity seems to be a property of matter and antimatter! Antimatter is the pathway or doorway to "ethereal" existence? Gravity binds all that is physical with all that is ethereal through unstable gravity waves!!!

Thus, through unstable gravity waves, you can access not only other densities, but everything.

Mechanical "generation" of gravity waves is really collecting and dispersing.

Spirals are "On the way to" a mechanical means of collecting and dispersing gravity waves

Gravity is the central ingredient of all existence! You have it too!!

Thoughts produce gravity. And, by relation, so does knowledge and awareness. Remembering, of course, that knowledge and awareness are the "keys" to forming a conduit, and we think that a "conduit" is a Perpendicular Reality, or something similar to Riemann's Cut, or a Wormhole.


Gravity supercedes light speed. - GRAVITATIONAL DUDE!

Perpendicular Realities, Tesseracts, and other odd phenomena by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Q: (L) According to what I understand, at the speed of light, there is no mass, no time, and no gravity. How can this be?
A: No mass, no time, but yes, gravity.
Q: (L) A photon has gravity?
A: Gravity supercedes light speed.
Q: (L) Gravity waves are faster than light?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What would make a gravity wave unstable?
A: Utilization.
Q: (L) I feel like I am missing a really big point here...


Perpendicular Realities, Tesseracts, and other odd phenomena by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

: We have told you before that planets and stars are windows. And where does the gravity go?
Q: (L) Well, where does gravity go? The sun is a window. Even our planet must be a window!
A: You have it too!! Gravity is all there is.
Q: (L) Is light the emanation of gravity?
A: No.
Q: (L) What is light?
A: Gravity. Gravity is "God."
Q: (L) But, I thought God was light?
A: If gravity is everything, what isn't it? Light is energy expression generated by gravity. Please name something that is not gravity.
Q: (L) Well, if gravity is everything, there is nothing that is not gravity;, well, fine! What is absolute nothingness?
A: A mere thought.
Q: (L) So, there is no such thing as non-existence?
A: Yes, there is.
Q: (L) Do thoughts produce gravity?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Does sound produce gravity?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Can sound manipulate gravity?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Can it be done with the human voice?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Can it be done tonally or by power through thought?
A: Both. Gravity is manipulated by sound when thought manipulated by gravity chooses to produce sound which manipulates gravity.
Q: (L) Now, did the fellow who built the Coral Castle spin in his airplane seat while thinking his manipulations into place?
A: No. He spun when gravity chose to manipulate him to spin in order to manipulate gravity.
Q: (L) Does gravity have consciousness?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is it ever possible for the individual to do the choosing, or is it gravity that IS him that chose?
A: The gravity that was inside him was all the gravity in existence.

Unstable Gravity Waves

Perpendicular Realities, Tesseracts, and other odd phenomena by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Unstable gravity waves unlock as yet unknown secrets of quantum physics to make the picture crystal clear.
Q: (L) Gravity seems to be a property of matter. Is that correct?
A: And.... antimatter!
Q: (L) Is the gravity that is a property of antimatter "antigravity?" Or, is it just gravity on the other side, so to speak?
A: Binder. Gravity binds all that is physical with all that is ethereal through unstable gravity waves!!!
Q: (L) Is antimatter what we refer to as "ethereal" existence?
A: Pathway to. Doorway to.

Link Between Consciouness and Matter - Only Illusions that there is one

The Cassiopaeans get taken out of the Closet and off for a "Test Drive" by Laura Knight-Jadczyk


A: Variable physicality is the key.

Q: (L) What makes the physicality variable?

A: Awareness of link between consciousness and matter.

Q: (L) What is the link between consciousness and matter?

A: Illusion.

Q: (L) What is the nature of the illusion?

(T) That there isn't any connection between consciousness and matter. It is only an illusion that there is. It is part of the third density...

A: No. Illusion is that there is not.

Q: (L) The illusion is that there is no link between consciousness and matter.

A: Yes.

Q: (T) The illusion is that there is not a link. In third density...

(L) I got it!


How to Alter DNA - 6.5 Angstrom L:ight Wave

The Cassiopaeans get taken out of the Closet and off for a "Test Drive" by Laura Knight-Jadczyk


They have said that light waves alter DNA. (AB) What specific light frequency?

A: 6 pt 5

Q: (AB) Angstroms?

A: Yes.

Q: (AB) That's actually the frequency of a medium red neon laser. A laser is a monochromic frequency. It's like one of those laser pointers. It puts out only one color, one exact frequency. 6.5 would be mid-orange?


Sufi Ibn Al Arabi - The descent of a spiritual attribute upon the heart - Symptoms

Dorothy and The Frog Prince Meet Flight 19 in Oz by Laura Knight-Jadczyk


"A State is that which enters in upon the heart without self-exertion or the attempt to attract it. [...] "the State is the changing of the attributes of the servant. [...] State signifies certain dimensions of spiritual realization, it denotes the special powers that accrue to the servant [...] the State is in conjunction with terms denoting extraordinary feats or miracles [...] producing effects in the outside world through concentration. [...] The possessors of the States engender things through resolve and throw secondary causes far from themselves."

Now, the curious thing about al'Arabi's discussion of the "States" is what follows here:

"When an angel brings a ruling or knowledge to the servant, the human spirit encounters the imaginal form and through the giving and receiving, which are two lights, the constitution becomes excited and inflamed. In the two lights, the native heat of the constitution is strengthened and the magnitude of the light is increased. The color of the servant's face changes because of this and it is the most intense State that might be. The bodily moistures ascend in vapors and this is caused by the compression undergone by the natures when the two spirits meet. When the possessor of the state regains his composure, the heat abates and the constitution increases in coldness and the cold overcomes the heat and the possessor of the state begins to shiver.All of this is the descent of a spiritual attribute upon the heart.


36 Million Nephilim and Everybody Else Finally Fucking Waking Up

Dorothy and The Frog Prince Meet Flight 19 in Oz by Laura Knight-Jadczyk


Q: (L) So the 36 million Nephilim will be against all on the planet when the time comes? Their arrival will wake everybody up?

A: Of course.

Q: (L) And those who have the knowledge and can dispense it to others ... well... they may suddenly be heard...

A: Yes.


May 23, 2011

How To Have A Successful Juice Fast 1/3

Energy Body Secrets 2/2

Energy Body Secrets 1/2

Is out need for Physical Safety and Injected Control Mechanism?

The Inelia thread: "I would add to that, possibilities are infinite. Therefore anything can be manifested at any one time. However, our physical body needs a physical/solid environment for it to 'feel' safe (injected programming perhaps?). As soon as we start entering into the thought that our reality is not as solid, or defined, as we think, fear starts to well in the body (and the mind! 'am I losing my mind?') By removing fear from our body, we expand the field of possibilities in a very physical reality type sense."

Cliff Notes on Getting Enlightened

The Inelia thread: "How can we all attain this? The method I use is very simple. It is about removing negative energy structures (traumas, beliefs, cultural programming, implants), that are low vibrationally speaking. By removing these, the person's physical and subtle body become 'lighter' (light in illuminated, as well as light as in less density). As the bodies become lighter, the person vibrates at a lighter rate, this allows more divine source energy to come through, awareness expands and the illusion of the agreed reality become more pliable."

Bill Ryan's Guidelines for Talking with Your Body (Intelligence)

The Inelia thread: "Be genuinely open, interested and non-judgmental. (The key word is genuinely - this cannot be faked!)
Listen carefully - without interruption, rejection or denial - when you sense a communication.
Acknowledge whatever you're told (which may be in the form of graphic images or feelings, rather than words).
Empathize with and have compassion for past suffering. (Many bodies have been forced to do things to other bodies which they do not like to do.)
Tell your body that you are willing to listen and help in any way.
Tell your body that there are techniques for relieving deeply held stress, and ask your body whether it would appreciate your support.
Ask your body if it needs anything right now (could be food, or water, or sleep, or a long walk, or a cuddle from another body).
Close by telling your body that you deeply appreciate all the work it does to support you in your mission."

Identifying Time Nodes

The Inelia thread: "Sometimes, in our daily life, there will be a moment of decision. When we think very hard about a decision that we know will affect our lives. And when we make it, it feels like a weight was lifted. Those are present time nodes."

May 21, 2011

Don't Burn Out!

For example, while I was in college in Dublin, I used to smoke cigarettes. I was sitting at a table with some friends, who, like you, had asked for proof of the psychic kind and had seen some during our years together. I lit a cigarette, then realised I needed to go to the loo. I was a bit annoyed because tobacco in Ireland is very expensive, and the way they design cigarettes means that even if you leave it unattended, it will burn completely. So, I picked it up, and said to it, "don't burn out," put it on the ashtray and walked off. When I got to the loo, I found it had a huge queue, so it took me a while to get back to the table. As I approached the table, I saw that all my friends were leaning toward the center of the table, watching something very intently. When I reached them, I saw that the cigarette had not burned out, not one millimeter. I reached over, picked it up and took a long drag, then looked at it and said, "thank you."

My friend all clapped and said, "wow", "amazing", "how did you do that," all that sort of stuff. So, I looked at them and said, "I didn't do a thing, you did it. You thought it was going to happen because I said it, and then it did happen." It wasn't me at all you see, it was them. I had forgotten about the thing as soon as I got to the loo. They knew I could do a few "weird" things, so they really believed that it would happen. They are, we are all, able to manipulate this holographic reality to the extent of our own "knowing" and rehabilitation

Meditation Outside of the Icky Yucky Every Once in Awhile

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One important thing to remember, and something a good friend reminded me of recently, is that there is a very thick eeky yucky membrane surrounding the planet, which is thick, dark and removes memory. Plus I think people bounce off it when they die while still asleep. One of the things I suggest to people to do is to move their viewpoint toward the sun, looking back at the Earth, where the Earth is about the size of a small soccer ball. And just hang out there, soaking up the solar energy, and being out of the "trap" for a while. Then get in communication with the planet, exchange vibrations directly (unpolluted) with her, and to see how they can assist Her and the collective in this shift.

May 18, 2011

Immortal Chakra Crystals

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Mt Shasta - A Time Space Portal - Awesome

Mt. Shasta which serves as a space time portal directly to the Inner Earth. Once in the surroundings of Mt. Shasta you are drawn into the ‘harmonious state’.

Train Your Mind that You are an unlimited being

One of the first things they showed us in the interior was their capability of interplanetary travel and time travel. The basis of time travel is likened to bending space, which comes through the power of meditation and by the acceptance of being an unlimited being. If you train your mind at a subconscious level that you are an unlimited being all things are possible.

Your Mission - If You Choose to Accept It

Your mission is to create balance, above and below, within and without, by healing your issues then helping others. Once achieved, your frequency is raised, you create balance, you psychic abilities and powers evolve, and you are ready to understand the alchemy of time and consciousness. You await the journey home and the reunion with your twin flame who waits for you above.

We Are Consciousness

Reality is myth. math and metaphor. The true mission for any soul is to realize that they are consciousness exploring a physical experience that is evolving. You are not a physical being trying to have a spiritual experience.

Say G'Nite Alice - Here's Your RED PILL - Enjoy the Trip!

The Secret of Secrets Carbon 666

May 8, 2011

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea: "Quantum physics indicates that not only does ‘matter’ seem to dissolve into patterned vibrations at the most fundamental levels, it has become apparent that there is a structuring role played by consciousness. There is now much accumulated evidence that mind does exist separate from the physical brain and that the phenomena such as telepathy are not only demonstrable, but they conform to models of the Universe with non-local causes."

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea: "true believer in the religion of science."

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea: "The more recent and ongoing … global falsification of history is based on a system of erroneous pseudoscientific sociological concepts based upon ideology and aided greatly by the modern information manipulation technology. Fomenko’s works describe the technology of building a false model of human history which uses the art of manipulating the temporal and spatial coordinates of events. Many thousands of specialists in false historical models are already working on this second falsification – their forte is the ability to misrepresent historical events while giving correct temporal and spatial coordinates and representing individual facts veraciously and in full detail. The actual falsification is achieved via the selection of facts, their combination and interpretation, as well as the context of ideological conceptions, propagandist texts that they are immersed into, etc.”"

Blue Beamed - Re Historied?

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea: "“One becomes aware of the necessity to update our view of the past in accordance with whatever the present stipulates. This awareness is the kind of craving that can only be satisfied by a ‘bona fide rectification’ of history, which has to occur as a grandiose paradigm shift – moreover, it has to be a large-scale organized operation; one that shall result in an epochal falsification of the entire history of humankind"

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea: "discontinuities due to cataclysmic disruption which can make it so easy for ruthless individuals to seize power and re-create the past according to the needs of the present.
As I pointed out in Witches, Comets and Planetary Cataclysms the falsification of history that Fomenko has clearly identified occurred at the end of 300 years of disaster piled on disaster beginning with the decimation of the population of Europe by the Black Death. This certainly fits Zinoviev’s model that, at a certain point, the old, distorted representation of history no longer serves and a new legitimation of authority is required to restore peace and keep the masses under control. What Fomenko notes is that the temporal and spatial parameters of much later times were imposed on the stories of the more distant past, but that does not entirely invalidate those stories; it just means that things were re-established and what was familiar to the ‘trained specialists’ was utilized to give the new view of the past a more realistic ‘feel’."

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction | Cassiopaea: "These cycles even prompt us to consider the possibility that there is a cause-effect relationship between periods of oppression of the masses by the elite and cosmic intervention that levels the playing field, so to say. (That’s grist for another article! Look for it in a coming issue!)"

Has Niburu Planet X Been Sighted Pt II by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Has Niburu Planet X Been Sighted Pt II by Laura Knight-Jadczyk: "The primary message of Noah is that one such continuous period may be coming to an end soon, and that the target quantum state after the jump is not fully determined. Our actions, or our lack of action now, shape the probability distribution of our future “after the Flood” environment."

Has Niburu Planet X Been Sighted Pt II by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Has Niburu Planet X Been Sighted Pt II by Laura Knight-Jadczyk: "Up to the present time the computer simulations that have been done [4] have not even attempted to take into account a possible cosmic intruder - the brown dwarf Sun’s companion whose existence and properties have been researched by R. Muller and J. Matese. [5] They also did not try to take into account a possible fractal structure of space-time, which was the subject of a series of papers and of a monograph by French astrophysicist Laurent Nottale.[6]

I have discussed Nottale’s rules of quantization of planetary systems in my notes in the present work. Here it is enough to say that fractal and multidimensional structure of space-time, along the ideas put forward by many physicists, astronomers and astrophysicists, whose works are quoted in this book, make cosmic jumps plausible. My own research added one more factor here: as discussed in this work, it is one of the conclusions of EEQT that, as a rule, couplings of quantum systems to classical ones induce chaotic behavior and fractal-like patterns of quantum jumps.[7] That may be one of the reasons why space-time is fractal-like both in micro- and in macro-scale."

Has Niburu Planet X Been Sighted Pt II by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Has Niburu Planet X Been Sighted Pt II by Laura Knight-Jadczyk: "I should point out right here that if the Precession of the Zodiac was such a great way to measure time and world ages, there wouldn’t be so many opinions about when one began and another ended. As a measure of time that is so “vastly elegant,” it ought to at least work, right?

Well, it doesn’t. What is more, the zodiac has been created and altered within recorded history, having at various times ten signs, eleven, twelve and thirteen. So, what's the point? From this perspective, there isn't one except for an attempt to deny the possibility that the ancients meant exactly what they said even if they did tell the stories as allegories."

HIs this the last word on the upcoming changes?

Has Niburu Planet X Been Sighted Pt II by Laura Knight-Jadczyk: "I think that, based on the observations of the ancients that what we are looking for is a recurring shower of comets that cycles through the solar system regularly, on a 3,600 year orbit. What is more, it seems that this body of comets, clustered together resembles a Fiery serpent with a mouthful of devouring teeth in the blackness of space. For this reason, it was given the name spdt, spdw, and spd-ibhw (sharp toothed), in the Pyramid Texts. It undoubtedly is a terrifying spectacle!"

Another Reason to Go South Young Man?

Has Niburu Planet X Been Sighted Pt II by Laura Knight-Jadczyk: "we find that the southern ice cores do not register the same as the northern ones. The 1628 BC event that really slammed the tree rings shows almost no registration in the Antarctic cores in terms of volcanic activity. But the northern cores show the activity beginning 1644 BC."

Has Nibiru/Planet X Been Sighted? Part 1 | Cassiopaea

Has Nibiru/Planet X Been Sighted? Part 1 | Cassiopaea: "And this is where we discover the problem. The Matrix Control System, via the offices of its high priests of science and social control, ensures that glaciologists do not cross over into astrophysics and that geologists do not cross over into archaeology. In this way, there is no such thing as Comparative Science, and this is most especially true in the United States where the lines between disciplines are most strongly demarcated, patrolled, and enforced by the Scientific Thought Police."

Poor Vegans - Lectiins are Killing You!

Session 13 Feb 2011: "Q: (Andromeda) Are veggies not really good for us as we have begun to suspect from our research?

A: Pretty much.

Q: (L) Why?

A: Every living thing has a protective life preserving mechanism. For animals it is their ability to run and hide or fight. For living things that do not have those capacities nature has still not abandoned them.

Q: (Ailen) Basically lectins... (Psyche) And anti-nutrients. (Ailen) Geez... between that and the low-fat propaganda, most people are dead.

A: Yes."

Crop Circles - Put Your Head Between Your Legs and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

Session 13 Feb 2011: "(Andromeda) Why have crop circles suddenly appeared in Indonesia?

A: The wave cometh. Crop circles are a sort of grace offered to those slated for ultimate destruction. Why do you think so many have appeared in England? Those that receive such gifts and do not take their messages into their hearts will damn themselves and their own descendants to oblivion"

Black Death Returns Mid 2012?

Session 13 Feb 2011: "A: 18 months to 2 years.

Q: (L) In other words, if Elenin or something else has something like that in its tail, and the earth goes through the tail, it can still take a year or so for it to precipitate onto the earth?"

May 2, 2011

NOW Is The Time! Part 1

Some of the Abilities We Can Regain

The Inelia thread: "A couple of them are the ability to communicate freely with anyone on the planet via telepathy, another is the ability to manifest what we want or need at will (not necessarily only from thin air, although there are individuals who can do this, but also through synchronicity events). Another is to see a wider spectrum of reality than we can at the moment (visually, with our physical eyes).
One way in which we can regain them is to identify the teachings, blocks and energy (or implanted) constructs in our bodies which are stopping us, and releasing them.

And with regard overpowering the elite, I would say that it's not what we are doing really, we are simply taking our agreement away from their statement that they have power over us. We are simply no longer agreeing that they have a right to say or dictate how we live on the planet. That is all."

Earth Ver. 3.3

The Inelia thread: "ok, that makes perfect sense also to me. Sometimes when I ask the Higher Self of a person in which level 'they are', some reply that they are sitting on the 5th dimension projecting themselve to the 3rd dimension. Others reply that they are on the 3.5D, or 3.6 or 3.7, being 3D a level within an octave that ranges from 1D to 7D, and they classify our Earth reality as 3.3, the astral as 3.4 and the levels they are between 3.5 and 3.7. Thus, they consider themselves as 3D beings moving into 4D, then to 5D...6D...7D and next octave."