May 8, 2011

Has Niburu Planet X Been Sighted Pt II by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Has Niburu Planet X Been Sighted Pt II by Laura Knight-Jadczyk: "Up to the present time the computer simulations that have been done [4] have not even attempted to take into account a possible cosmic intruder - the brown dwarf Sun’s companion whose existence and properties have been researched by R. Muller and J. Matese. [5] They also did not try to take into account a possible fractal structure of space-time, which was the subject of a series of papers and of a monograph by French astrophysicist Laurent Nottale.[6]

I have discussed Nottale’s rules of quantization of planetary systems in my notes in the present work. Here it is enough to say that fractal and multidimensional structure of space-time, along the ideas put forward by many physicists, astronomers and astrophysicists, whose works are quoted in this book, make cosmic jumps plausible. My own research added one more factor here: as discussed in this work, it is one of the conclusions of EEQT that, as a rule, couplings of quantum systems to classical ones induce chaotic behavior and fractal-like patterns of quantum jumps.[7] That may be one of the reasons why space-time is fractal-like both in micro- and in macro-scale."

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