April 3, 2011

If You Believe too Strongly Prophecies "revealed" by Negative Service to Self Entities - You May be Contributing to their Fulfillment

All we need to do is look at the actions of satanically deceived (by 'prophecy')  fundamentalist Christians and Muslims and the WWIII scenario this is enabling to see the truth in this idea.

Prophecies of the future are only a possibility/probability forecasts that can be affected by our individual and mass feelings/beliefs/actions.

TPTP know this and cause certain "key" events to occur in order to harness the power of the mass consciousness in order guide the "future" to a place of their choosing.

Riding the Wave by Laura Knight-Jadczyk
"The forces at work here are far too clever to be accurately anticipated so easily. You never know what twists and turns will follow, and they are aware of prophetic and philosophical patternings and usually shift course to fool and discourage those who believe in fixed futures."

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