October 30, 2011

Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!

Lauren Gorgo 10-26-11…”11-11-11: Source Code Activation”…”This time in your life is one that will astound you” | Kauilapele's Blog

On Becoming Self-Contained The PHC are talking a lot about our recent release from our final and deepest karmic patterns and that we are already beginning to witness this in the way that we are no longer bound by the emotional strings of attachment to others, to places, or to events that once defined or confined us. We are now able and ready to live our lives according to the principle of the ONE. This means that we have integrated the mental & emotional understanding of what it means to be freed from the repetitive cycles of the karmic wheel and reconnected to our true Source of power within. We are beginning to witness this freedom in ourselves and in our personal relationships where we are refacing old issues, old wounds that once crippled us, but now these same situations feel empowering…empowering in the sense that we are able to see the value in these dynamics, to feel a sense of appreciation for their teachings, and to honor those lessons of growth that are truly ours, while releasing all feelings of responsibility to that which is NOT ours. We are becoming self-contained, self-responsible beings of mastery and those emotional entanglements which have been projected onto us by others are now VERY clear, which means they can be severed. This also means that once we have unhooked ourselves from these remaining cords of attachment, we will begin to live from the space of true independence, self-sustainability, and freedom, which will enable us to know our authentic selves in ways we never have. “This time in your life is one that will astound you…you will find strengths, and gifts, and talents emerge that you never knew existed. In some cases, you will come to know yourself in a way that elicits a sense of self-love and respect that you thought was only possible to see or feel in others. Though in truth, we say this…that those things that you have so respected in others were really only self-reflections of those unintegrated aspects of YOU…until now that is.”-PHC The unseens bring this information to us so that we can feel the connection to the fact that we are no longer bound by the trappings of untruth, of illusion, or the polar opposite of that which they call, self-aggrandizement….for our new reality will be that we are much, much more than we ever realized, and the gifts of remembering this have been well-earned. They also mention that as we unveil the truth about our true capabilities as masters of the material world, so too do we unveil these truths for others…which is, in part, the purpose of becoming a christed avatar on earth…to share our radiance with all who beckon, to teach by example and to bestow upon others the universal love that flows within our body and cells. “Moreover, we are proud to be part of, and witness to, the unfolding of the most momentous “time” in history. We are representatives of your galactic origin and so we too have much invested in your BEcoming. Through this gateway, you are centering yourselves in universal abundance and grace and this means that each of you who don robes of honor are becoming a universe unto yourselves. We know that this may seem out of reach to you now, but know this: as the sun shines forth on the last day of the last day, a sincerely new day dawns.” – PHC

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