April 26, 2011

Consciousness is Target of Large Traumatic Events

Reader, fwd: "...a Fearless Mind in a World Filled With Fear" & "Art of Discernment: Realizing You’ve Been Manipulated":

"Huge, traumatizing events like this serve specific purposes such as inducing: fear, a sense of helplessness, apathy, overwhelm, grief, anger, and many other low-frequency emotional states of being. In other words, these events are orchestrated for the effect that they have on human consciousness.

Consciousness is the crucial, primary area that these events target. Any worldly advantages gained in terms of political, financial or military power for any government, corporation or secret group are peripheral to the goal of adversely affecting our consciousness.

From the perspective of inducing fear-based emotional states into human beings, a “prolonged crisis” such as the release of radiation from Japan or the release of oil in the Gulf is one of the most effective tools that the “shadow side” has in its arsenal."

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