April 28, 2011


SRPAGE8: "Generic Self-Directed Conscious Evolution

The technique for generic, constant, self-directed expansion evolution of consciousness is simple: Begin with one’s consciousness as it is. Turn that consciousness back self-reflexively on itself in self examination and analysis. Determine the statements it enables which cannot be proven by it, the questions it can engender but cannot answer, thereby determining the limiting parameters of this modality. Recognize, contemplate and explore the new kind of consciousness (perception / comprehension / experience / dimensionality) suggested and required by these statements and questions. Employ whatever techniques are appropriate to afford direct experience of this new expanded consciousness. Develop a vocabulary adequate to describe and explain its nature. Formalize its structure and rules, refine and expand its potential: use it as an exploratory tool and a criterion of truth. Use it to gain information about the universe which cannot be gained by lesser types of awareness. Determine how the elements of the previous levels of consciousness are subsumed into the new consciousness. "

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