March 26, 2011

Don't Worry About the Man Behind the Curtain

Recommended reading for those trying to reconcile the chaos in our material world with a higher spiritual path.

Visible Perspectives - JustGetThere

Some Choice Quotes - Does any of this resonate with you? - If so you may be seeking/ready for a higher path:


I looked at the huge pictures of what was taking place in Japan; the videos of massive waves, tossing houses into each other and cars by the hundreds pouring over falls and… I had no feelings that I could connect to feelings I have had in the past, when I have witnessed such things. I don’t feel apprehensive. I don’t feel uncertain or shaken at all. I can’t account for this.

The only practical way to look at all of this is to convince yourself it’s a movie. The collective dream is the film and… just like in a theater, the people watching are getting different things from what’s taking place on the screen. Some people miss all kinds of details and some very few. Some interpret them correctly and some don’t. That’s an important thing to remember; just because you spot something doesn’t mean you understand it. However, that’s what the intuition is for. Kick the perception inward and see what comes back. The more you do it, the clearer it becomes. You can’t gain the facility of anything you don’t practice. That is why all the problems you have in the world start with you because you are (supposed to be) in control of how you react. Eh?

Most all of those in a position of authority, consider themselves the emperor of destiny. They are not. This means that, regardless of their intentions, the film is moving toward a prearranged conclusion. They’re kept in the dark about this (for the moment).

I’ve had to trust both the seen and unseen worlds through my whole life and the unseen world wins, hands down.

The time is coming when not a day will pass without startling events, outer and inner.


Along with an age of brotherhood, we are going to see direct interactions between humanity and The Devic Realm and it is from The Devic Realm that all sorts of surprising knowledge, wisdom and technology are going to appear.

When I walk outdoors now, I can feel the invisible electricity crackling in the air. Don’t worry about the man behind the curtain. He’s going to appear on YouTube shortly, along with hard and irrefutable evidence of what he’s been up to. I am afraid that some of it is going to be very embarrassing.

I keep saying it; go within and make contact; operators are standing by (grin).

The most powerful thing any of us can do to help what is coming to arrive, with enthusiasm and power, is to believe in it and see it as a reality.

The real world is going to appear, out of the ashes of the destruction of the false world, just as our real selves are going to be revealed to us through the vision of our real eyes, as the veils slip away from them. For some of us these veils will slip away, or be burned to nothing, by the power of our efforts to awaken. In other cases these veils will be ripped away but... going they are.

If you want to know the meaning of what is happening outside yourself, look inside yourself, because that’s where the answers are.

Just as major changes are taking place in the surrounding world, major changes are taking place within you and you can amplify and accelerate this, to the degree that you cooperate with and seek after the force responsible.

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