October 16, 2011

Hogue Oracle NOT Concerned About Civilization Changing Canary Tsunami At Present

Iran Terror Plot, Occupy Wall Street and a Canary Island Volcano

I consulted my oracle about El Hierro. In the worst case scenario a tsunami might arise as devastating to other Canary Islands as that which flooded Japan in March of 2011. The main visitations with sporadic harbor and coastal damage like what was experienced in the Hawaiian Islands and Santa Cruz California from the Japanese tsunami would range along the sparsely populated Western Sahara southwards to the Mauritanian coast down to the city of Dakar, in Senegal. My oracle at this point does not see a major tsunami coming out of a future eruption of El Hierro. It is much more concerned with El Hierro’s volcanism triggering a Las Palmas eruption causing half the geologically unstable, western coastal mountainside of the island to suddenly slip into the Atlantic. Such an event would be a civilization-changing catastrophe sending a tsunami up to 160 feet high roaring 4.5 miles inland over the coasts of Brazil, French Guyana, Surname, Guyana, east Venezuela, the Caribbean islands of the Lesser Antilles, and the US Atlantic seaboard! A still taken from the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". This is what it might look like if a 160-foot tsunami should roll into New York City harbor only eight hours after the Las Palmas landslide. Europe would also be hit by significant tsunamis between 16 and 23 feet high, nearly as destructive as those inundating the Honshu coastal towns and Sendai airport, would visit Ireland, Iceland, England, France and Spain. The Canary Islands and the nearby mainland coastline of southwestern Morocco and the neighboring nation of Western Sahara might witness a tsunami flood 300 feet high!

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