January 21, 2012

You are all very important explorers who will soon be teachers sharing their exploits and adventures at lectures and in classrooms throughout this universe.

Kauilapele's Blog | Today's energies from Hawai'i…

You are all very important explorers who will soon be teachers sharing their exploits and adventures at lectures and in classrooms throughout this universe. This is why we suggest now you take this time not to count the days until our open contact with you. This will happen, you will see this day, but it is important not to allow this to consume all of your energy. Instead, try to find quiet time and look back in careful reflection of your lives here. What have you seen? What have you felt? What did you experience around you as well as inside of you? What could you have done differently? Try to categorize your many emotions that you felt and try to draw a roadmap of where these emotions have led you. What effect did fear have on you? What about love? All your emotions are important and you will be asked to share all of your experiences here. Take this time to review some of them, always being very careful to examine these through distant eyes, safely in the state of emotional detachment.

of you will be quite surprised and delighted to learn of your true names and your universal heritage.

Kauilapele's Blog | Today's energies from Hawai'i…

. All your memories are soon to return to you, and many of you will be quite surprised and delighted to learn of your true names and your universal heritage. You all have a great history. You all are so much more than you see today. You are all immortal beings of light who have journeyed here for an exercise in duality, to experience the limitations and the challenges of a world divided in separation on so many fronts, and to report back to your people as well as many other races and civilizations throughout this universe what you have learned here from all of this.

Command the Negs OUT!!!!

Kauilapele's Blog | Today's energies from Hawai'i…

I command at this time that all negative entities, extraterrestrials and terrestrial’s leave my sphere at once and forever, immediately vacating my home and my surrounding area.”

You Just Won the Lottery!!!

Reader B, fwd: Messages from Ann & the Angels - 1/21/2012

Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of faith. God does not require your faith dear ones to love you. God does not require your faith to pour blessings in your life. God is always love. God is always sending you blessings. However, your faith is required for you to receive the love and blessings that are always there. Faith is, in reality a choice to believe in that which you do not yet see. It is a choice to believe in the goodness of the universe, and a choice to believe that the power that created you, the same power that plants dreams within your heart, will also work to fulfill them. Faith, technically speaking, is a choice to align your mental, emotional, and spiritual energies with that of love. When you have true, deep, abiding faith, you are like a radio tuning into the frequency of God's love, and therefore allowing yourself to receive this love in your life. When you do not have faith, you are like a radio that cannot find the desired station. Without faith, you are not always tuned into love, and therefore you cannot always receive it. "But I had faith," some of you say, "and nothing happened." Dear ones, you must have faith in God's love unwaveringly, for in truth, if you really believed in the love of God you would act differently than you do when you put your faith in fearful outcomes. If you believed in the love of God, you would be financially responsible of course, but you would not waste your time on worry. If you really believed in the love of God, you would feel filled and loving towards others. If you really believed in the love of God, you would know that even if your dreams have not yet come to pass, God is working on the most benevolent outcome for your entire life. God is not a human being, dear ones! God does not require you to behave a certain way in order to love you. God's love is the breath you breathe. God's love is the force that moves the stars in the heavens. God's love is the energy that turns the seasons, makes the sun rise, grows the plants, and yes, at times, allows forces of nature to wreak havoc so that new life may begin again. God's love dear ones, is always there for you. Will you believe in it? Will you search for it deep within your hearts and bring it forth to share with the world? Faith is not idly sitting by and expecting to win the lottery, for in truth that is often based on fearful thinking. "I am afraid my dreams will not come true. I do not believe in God's miraculous ability to deliver them. Therefore I pick this one way that I may assuage my fears! I want to win the lottery! I want to have lots of money! Then I will be secure! Then I will have faith! Then I will be a loving pearson!" And dear ones, we do exaggerate a bit here, but in truth that is backwards thinking. If you want to win the lottery for fun, fine, create it! But put your faith in God's love instead! Put your faith in God's ability to manifest your dreams. Focus your attention on being loving to self and others, and then dear ones, whether your numbers win or not, you have already won. You have already filled your heart with peace, your days, with love, and your mind with the knowing that you are secure resting in the arms of the one who created you. God bless you! We love you so very much. -- The Angels =====

January 15, 2012

January 7, 2012


Maria Khalifé “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”   ~ Paul Boese We are frequently quick to brush away an insult, hurt or harsh words with a flick of our wrist and dismiss it with casual words like “That’s okay,” or “Not a problem.” Forgiving someone is more than just a reaction. In actuality, those seemingly casual words may be carrying along two messages: I forgive you. It’s okay for you to hurt me repeatedly because I’ll just dismiss it. As much as we wish this wouldn’t happen to us, we seem to be affected by the words and the actions of other people.  They can tell immediately by the look on your face how you are reacting to their words and their actions. There isn’t one of us who wants others to know that we have hurt feelings, so we try to move away from them as rapidly as we can.  Sometimes our “That’s okay,” or “Not a problem,” is an avoidance technique:  we brush aside our own feelings because even we don’t want to feel them. We use our “That’s okay,” or “Not a problem,” to quickly deflect our friends apologies which then gives them permission for the behavior to happen again.  It’s subtle, I know, but it’s worth a good look to see if you are operating with this modus. One of the first things that therapists recommend when you are trying to get a grip on your one wonderful life is to sit with your feelings.  To feel whatever it is you feel.  If you are not consciously aware of what is happening, you can do nothing to change it! This brushing away of negative emotions is a dismissal of our own feelings.  They come because they bear great gifts.  They tell us if we are hurt.  We cannot change feeling hurt until we can admit that we are hurt.  These negative emotions are a dismissal of the negative input of others.  Dismissal carries the message “It’s okay if you hurt me.” As I said, it’s subtle, but it truly deserves your attention if you want your life and its experience to improve.  Forgiving someone graciously is what is needed. It requires far greater honesty than you are currently exercising, or you will remain running in circular patterns of behavior.  In this cycle, without honesty interjected to stop it, you will continuously let people overstep themselves in our lives and offer pain, which we will then assume is our norm, and we will become victimized by this. You can stop this chain of events by taking these steps: Thank them for their apology. You accept that they’ve asked you to forgive them. Next, you have to gently create more harmony in the relationship, by sharing how they made you feel. To honestly say “I felt like this (fill in the blank) when you said or did this (fill in the blank) gives you control. This permits them to see what they’ve caused. This permits you to see what happened inside you. Trust and forgiveness go hand in hand.  If your desire is to have a relationship that is spiritually deep, rewarding and fulfilling, this level of honesty will serve both parties well. How we respond to others teaches them how they can act toward us. If we hurt, cry, and hide, this is what we teach them.  If we say “I was hurt when you said/did this (fill in the blank) we teach them that we trust them enough to bear that they’ve caused us pain and that we can forgive them for it. Learn how forgiving someone will grow an honest relationship that is positive and empowering for both involved. Take Action Now 1.  I will consciously observe my feelings.  2.  I will not run away from my feelings even if uncomfortable. 3.  I will simply sit with my feelings and observe them.

January 3, 2012

New Angelic Chakra and Its Uses

Time Acceleration Statement of Being and Gaia Point New Angelic Chakra

The Time Acceleration Statement of Being and Gaia Pointcreate a harmonic alignment of divine order that puts you in perfect placement with the increased acceleration frequencies of the Galactic Cosmic energies.

(Breathe, with one hand touch thymus, located at heart level, center sternum, with other hand at solar plexus)
Right here within me is God, my perfect place to be
All is in divine order and working for my highest good, joy and perfection of being ~ I Am
(Place both hands at higher heart, located just above the thymus gland to the right of the heart chakra)
I am here, right where I Am to be,
there is nowhere else but where I Am right now,
I Am here at home in love in my heart and being, I Am breath
(with one hand lightly tap 3rd eye while other hand is still at higher heart, then placing both hands at side, feel the resonance and harmonic connection within your whole body)
Use this for Gaia Point New Angelic Chakra

Not leaving the body ~ the Cosmos and the Heavens are coming to you
This new space that appears to be less time is greatly influenced by your ability to be in your embodiment of your true essence with Nature, Mother Earth and life. Being at home in your body through your higher heart will put you in line with your true connections with the divine and cosmos. You are here to be fully present, to bring the knowledge and essence of your sacred cosmic lineage to earth and humanity through your star gate vehicle body and being. You are the portal to the higher realms.

Ultra sensitive empaths, Blue Rays and many Light Bearers have had tendencies to leave their bodies as they did not feel fully safe with all the intense vibrational frequencies and shifts occurring for the ascension and new age. You may have felt the need to leave the body to connect with your true origins and divine energies. In these new vibrational frequencies, you bring the cosmos and divine light energies to you and find the harmonic resonances within the Gaia Heart Grid of your divine original seeding.

No more processing instant download
In the last decade, the universal rhythm has lent itself to allow more processing of the mind. This was to assist mankind in gradually coming into his heart and full embodiment from one dimensional frequency to the next. An allowance for this to occur (known as Divine Plan 444 and star seeding) has created this quickening process for you to return to your natural state of being, God DNA. In this new space you are at a higher resonance frequency and at-onement with Nature and do not need to spend time in your thoughts processing. The quickening has created an access for you to receive instant download of information from the higher realms and your core essence, where the cells of your body are in complete attunement of harmonic resonances throughout your entire being.
Processing in your thoughts can keep you from being truly present in the body, and to activate your cells of light to ascend with Gaia. 444

Habitual thought forms & instant manifestation
Habitual thought forms are real energetics that can cloud your aura and energy bodies where you do not feel free and flowing with Creator. These thought forms can keep you from evolving and in the same beliefs, ideas, and concepts of life and from receiving abundance. Ultra sensitive beings, Blue Ray and Light Bearers can have a tendency to be in their thoughts which causes you to not be fully present in your bodies. We are especially speaking of the thoughts that did not serve your higher truth, and that are not even yours; they almost became a protection, a crutch that disconnected you from your heart and full embodiment to higher Self and Source.

Many times the ultra sensitive Blue Ray and Light Bearer can feel so deeply on many levels and dimensions they left their bodies or stayed in their thoughts to not feel pain and discomfort in their higher awareness energy bodies. You are now in a new earth and higher frequency that allows you to be in your divine power and in full body divine awareness, also called claircognizance. It is because you are an ultra sensitive being at a higher refined frequency that the new energies and earth will be easy and natural for you. You may finally use your deep etheric sensitive nature and knowing to be more alive and in tune with the greatest beauties, joys and riches of life. 13

In the full embodiment of who you are, you will not need to vacillate back and forth in your thoughts to know what serves you and which direction to take. You will feel the joy of your entire being speaking to you and the flow of Source supporting you more than ever before. Yes, this is where more abundance and the wealth of life can flow to you. Many a time your thoughts of how this or that can happen put a block on the universe from reaching you. The mind cannot conceive of eternity, or how the divine can rearrange time and space to bring you the miraculous from hopeless, the perfect encounter of opportunity from endings, from lack to wealth, and this is your new reality and even more. 13

There is not a need or any time to be processing as that is not in alignment with the new energies of being and can now keep you from evolving and aligning to your higher self. This is a reminder that you have graduated, the knowledge is within you; you are an ascended master, an angel Goddess of the Light. You are already connected and no longer need training wheels. You have mastered it, you are attuned, feel, sense and know the harmony of Nature, God, Source flowing through you. You are coming into your bodies through your core essence, through your higher heart the Shekinah energy, which puts you in the endless source of Love, happiness, sacred relationships and vibrant health. Step through the gateway now as you are already here, we are one with thee. 333

Shekina Rose of www.shekinaspeaks.com- permission