January 21, 2012

You Just Won the Lottery!!!

Reader B, fwd: Messages from Ann & the Angels - 1/21/2012

Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of faith. God does not require your faith dear ones to love you. God does not require your faith to pour blessings in your life. God is always love. God is always sending you blessings. However, your faith is required for you to receive the love and blessings that are always there. Faith is, in reality a choice to believe in that which you do not yet see. It is a choice to believe in the goodness of the universe, and a choice to believe that the power that created you, the same power that plants dreams within your heart, will also work to fulfill them. Faith, technically speaking, is a choice to align your mental, emotional, and spiritual energies with that of love. When you have true, deep, abiding faith, you are like a radio tuning into the frequency of God's love, and therefore allowing yourself to receive this love in your life. When you do not have faith, you are like a radio that cannot find the desired station. Without faith, you are not always tuned into love, and therefore you cannot always receive it. "But I had faith," some of you say, "and nothing happened." Dear ones, you must have faith in God's love unwaveringly, for in truth, if you really believed in the love of God you would act differently than you do when you put your faith in fearful outcomes. If you believed in the love of God, you would be financially responsible of course, but you would not waste your time on worry. If you really believed in the love of God, you would feel filled and loving towards others. If you really believed in the love of God, you would know that even if your dreams have not yet come to pass, God is working on the most benevolent outcome for your entire life. God is not a human being, dear ones! God does not require you to behave a certain way in order to love you. God's love is the breath you breathe. God's love is the force that moves the stars in the heavens. God's love is the energy that turns the seasons, makes the sun rise, grows the plants, and yes, at times, allows forces of nature to wreak havoc so that new life may begin again. God's love dear ones, is always there for you. Will you believe in it? Will you search for it deep within your hearts and bring it forth to share with the world? Faith is not idly sitting by and expecting to win the lottery, for in truth that is often based on fearful thinking. "I am afraid my dreams will not come true. I do not believe in God's miraculous ability to deliver them. Therefore I pick this one way that I may assuage my fears! I want to win the lottery! I want to have lots of money! Then I will be secure! Then I will have faith! Then I will be a loving pearson!" And dear ones, we do exaggerate a bit here, but in truth that is backwards thinking. If you want to win the lottery for fun, fine, create it! But put your faith in God's love instead! Put your faith in God's ability to manifest your dreams. Focus your attention on being loving to self and others, and then dear ones, whether your numbers win or not, you have already won. You have already filled your heart with peace, your days, with love, and your mind with the knowing that you are secure resting in the arms of the one who created you. God bless you! We love you so very much. -- The Angels =====

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