April 28, 2011

Two Bibles in One?

The Coming China/Russia Invasion of the United States (May 27, 2005): "My own conclusion, and I am not trying to foster my beliefs on anybody, is that you also find the tares within the Bible, that you actually find two religions in the Bible. One is the way of Jesus. If it does not jive with his way, it is not of him. No need to make excuses. There seem to be two sides in the Bible, one requires sacrifices, the other abhors sacrifices and instead wants justice to be done, speaks out especially fervently against exploitaiton of fellow humans. I found there is a distinct warning in the Bible (Jeremiah I think, if I remember correctly; it has been a while) to 'beware of the lying pen of the scribes.' The Bible also tells of the king of Babylon, of all people, financing the temple in Jerusalem and instigating sacrifices there ( book of Ezra)."

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