August 14, 2011

Truth Vibrations - We Are On the Verge of Coming to Terms with its conspicuous lack in our world - this coming to terms is beyond any of our control - be prepared to admit truth at all levels or face the consequences

Wow - you know I usually just clip stuff.  I'm busy creating a lot elsewhere so I just don't have the bandwidth for here on a regular basis other than clipping things that are of interest to me.
But today - everywhere I turn, every thought, vibe feeling - "coincidental" input from where I happen to wander on the InterWebs - keeps pointing the needle almost VIOLENTLY at the same theme:
Truth, Sincerity and the Price there is to pay for ignoring it, covering it up, or consciously broadcasting untruth into the universe by comission or omission.
Clearly we are all on the cusp of a great coming to terms - the universe and its more advanced denizens could not be more clear in their message.  We are on the verge of a coming to terms.
Another video follows with this theme.

"The great enemy of clear language is insincerity" - George Orwell.

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