August 14, 2011

And Here's What the 11:11 Mentori have on their mind about “Reality, Truth, Honesty and Sanity.”

Illawarra District, Australia, August 10, 2011.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Reality, Truth, Honesty and Sanity.”

Mentori Spokesperson: “You are, whether you like it or not, a receiver of intelligent input from all manner of other-time-space beings.  Beyond you making yourself available to your friends -- the local and itinerant Midwayers -- an individual such as I, a member of a Mentori group of nine members -- has easy access to your mind.
“You were built this way, were created this way, and have evolved this way, but it did not just happen.  You made it happen, and let it happen, also, because you were in charge, you were awake, you had needs, you had wants, drive and curiosity, and you had a love for reality, truth, honesty, and sanity… and in a sane world anything is possible, including ‘hearing from angels’.
“How sane is your world right now, my friends, in these days of the second decade of your twenty-first century?  No, no, do not attempt to answer that.  Just listen to my further questions.  Do you know that you are at war, that you are killing many of your brothers and sisters, and that you have neither declared these wars, nor have good reasons for them, or projected an end to them?  Are they meant to go on forever?  They are meant to throw you off of the scent of your civilization without progression, your economies in depression, and your democracies in regression, yes, eventual collapse all around.
“How suicidal is your world right now, my friends, when you thought you had lived long enough to have seen it all, and you find that on each hour of each day you are confronted with more and newer ways in which brother and sister can take from a sibling that which does not belong to them… through the hidden taxation of the devaluation of currencies ‘in love with’ your tireless printing machines and computers?  You know neither your enemies who might well be your friends, nor can you identify those who govern you, and hold your savings safe, and who could well prove to be your mortal enemies.
“How understanding is your world right now, my friends, when you ask how it is possible that your youngsters burn your homes, steal your goods, break your windows and rape your daughters?  How naive you are!  How pathetically unsophisticated!  It is karma!  Essential karma!  It is the universe’s payback for the individuals you slaughtered, the families you devastated, and the countries you brought to ruin and laid waste.  Let me not hear from you that you lay the blame for this at the feet of your almighty Creator, when it was you who so challenged universal righteous law to the extreme.
“Before long your world will need, and it will get, its cleansing.  Your moral values will re-emerge through necessity.  You will roll up your sleeves and produce, rather than trade ad infinitum in useless derivatives, and you will get to hear the cries of the wounded, and the poisoned in war, who merely wanted to live their lives and care for their kind and kin.
“You are presently lost in your insane world, yes, just for now, but your time of correction is here, is at hand, and you will rehabilitate yourself, and do so proudly allowing reality, truth, honesty and sanity to return to these shores.  Indeed, you have no choice.
“This is our admonition.  I am an infrequent spokesperson for my group of nine, wishing you well on behalf of all.”
George: “Phe-e-ew!”
© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.  

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