October 16, 2011

What a Normal Person Can Do About Inevitably Coming Fiat Currency Debasement: Guns, Gold, and...Nickels!

Some Words Of Advice From Kyle Bass | ZeroHedge

“But even if you’re right, what can any normal person do about it?”   He stared at me as if he’d just seen an interesting sight: the world’s stupidest man.   “What do you tell your mother when she asks you where to put her money?” I asked.   “Guns and gold,” he said simply.   “Guns and gold,” I said. So he was nuts.   But not gold futures,” he said, paying no attention to my thoughts.   "You need physical gold.” He explained that when the next crisis struck, the gold futures market was likely to seize up, as there were more outstanding futures contracts than available gold. People who thought they owned gold would find they owned pieces of paper instead. He opened his desk drawer, hauled out a giant gold brick, and dropped it on the desk. “We’ve bought a lot of this stuff.” At this point, I was giggling nervously and glancing toward the door

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