May 28, 2011

Sufi Ibn Al Arabi - The descent of a spiritual attribute upon the heart - Symptoms

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"A State is that which enters in upon the heart without self-exertion or the attempt to attract it. [...] "the State is the changing of the attributes of the servant. [...] State signifies certain dimensions of spiritual realization, it denotes the special powers that accrue to the servant [...] the State is in conjunction with terms denoting extraordinary feats or miracles [...] producing effects in the outside world through concentration. [...] The possessors of the States engender things through resolve and throw secondary causes far from themselves."

Now, the curious thing about al'Arabi's discussion of the "States" is what follows here:

"When an angel brings a ruling or knowledge to the servant, the human spirit encounters the imaginal form and through the giving and receiving, which are two lights, the constitution becomes excited and inflamed. In the two lights, the native heat of the constitution is strengthened and the magnitude of the light is increased. The color of the servant's face changes because of this and it is the most intense State that might be. The bodily moistures ascend in vapors and this is caused by the compression undergone by the natures when the two spirits meet. When the possessor of the state regains his composure, the heat abates and the constitution increases in coldness and the cold overcomes the heat and the possessor of the state begins to shiver.All of this is the descent of a spiritual attribute upon the heart.


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