November 13, 2011

“the energetic transfer of christed intelligence from your higher self to your lower three bodies”

Lauren Gorgo, 11-8-11…”Transference: the reBirth”… or …”Caution: these frequencies [in this article] have the potential to greatly accelerate your awakening process and the activation of your divine blueprint” | Kauilapele's Blog

The reason the council is sharing this information is to enlighten us to a process that we will be undergoing that they call transference, which they say is “the energetic transfer of christed intelligence from your higher self to your lower three bodies”. Apparently we will be undergoing this transfer until the 12:12 gateway by which we will receive the final set of activation codes that will enable the integration of our full-body ascension, the manifestation of pure divinity in form. I am also being told that this process requires our participation…especially between 11/11/11 and 12/12/11…in that we will need to assist in the transfer of information from one body to another…akin to a file transfer on a computer, we will need to ensure the proper routing. “What we mean is this…as your lower three bodies align with your christed avatar-self you will undergo a temporarily amplified release from dross, an expansion that will catapult you into a heightened state of sensorial-based bliss and clear conscious awareness. Many of you are already beginning to feel these energies enliven you as your cells take on the full radiance of christed-love. Following this climax of sorts, that is to say, the peak of this energy transfusion, you will be required to consciously maintain your temporal existence throughout this period of great expansion.” -PHC

Contagion: Default probabilities blow out right across Europe | Credit Writedowns

Contagion: Default probabilities blow out right across Europe MARKETS | EDWARD HARRISON | 14 NOVEMBER 2011 12:00 Look at this chart of the sovereign credit default swap wideners today. Every single name is European. The only one with a sub-10% default possibility is Sweden, and they are not in the euro zone. That tells you something, doesn’t it? I think Warren Buffett is on to something. I like CDS as a gauge of market distress. For example, Belgian, French and Spanish CDS are at record highs. That tells you contagion is getting worse. But these sovereign CDS are products that are dangerous though. Europe has already eviscerated the sovereign CDS market with its ‘non-default’ in Greece. The Council on Foreign Relations blog thinks we should kill sovereign CDS off. Imagine life insurance contracts that wouldn’t pay off if officials declared heart attacks to be “voluntary.” Welcome to the world of sovereign credit default swaps, or CDSs.  When the Greek debt deal was announced on October 27, the eurozone leadership insisted that the banks were taking a 50% write-down “voluntarily,” meaning that Greek CDS contracts would not be triggered.  This was done to protect official creditors like the ECB and IMF, to avoid rewarding speculators, and to prevent possible financial contagion.  In response, Greek CDS prices plunged 20 percentage points.  Policymakers didn’t seem to care, but they should.

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