April 28, 2011

Intention and Community

The Bridge ~ Step 79 ~ Community

In order for humanity to reach its highest calling,

people must come together

The Universe places people in front of us who we are supposed to help. The question then becomes, how can we best do this? We're not really serving others when we allow them to become dependent on us for an indefinite period of time. Nor do we further ourselves. If we allow ourselves to become a crutch for others, we deny them the life experiences that will lead them to their own empowerment, and we deny ourselves the energy and freedom we need to do our life's work to its fullest potential.

Many people come to our community who are needy. From their point of view, life has thrown them a curve, but from where we stand, we see this as an opportunity for both of us to move forward. We know that some will fit in our circle and some will not. Those who don't fit in here will eventually find another path that suits them better. Like many Native American tribes, we always provide them with food and the tools for becoming self-reliant. We will do our best to teach them the Intention Process and how to use their thoughts and words in a way that will serve them. They will be welcomed into our Intention Circles where they can rub elbows with others like themselves who are steadily learning to manifest the things that they desire. And, if they are ready and open to receive, they, too, will begin to manifest things and become self-empowered.

Empowerment is something that we carry with us. We need not be tied to a certain place or a particular group of people in order to become a mighty manifester. Once a person lets go of the blame game and starts to feel the gratitude that accompanies the manifestation of their intentions, he or she can go anywhere and use the Intention Process. They can start an Intenders Circle at the next stop on their journey and pass on what they have learned to others who are ready for it.

A community is not defined by its physical boundaries. In fact, the strength of a community lies in its ability to spread out. Kept confined, a community will soon begin to decay. The enthusiasm for life will soon become stifled without adequate room to expand. Of course, we could have an exclusive community where we set a limit as to how many people we will allow in. But this attitude promotes the very separatism that is the cause of the quandary that humanity faces today.

These are not the times for exclusivity or for people to remain isolated from each other. We all need each other. Our Intenders Community is one where people can come, get empowered, and go on their way. We give them an Intenders Handbook for occasional reminders, the experience of the power of the Intenders Circle, and we trust that the Universe will take good care of them as they take their next step in life.

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