May 23, 2011

Bill Ryan's Guidelines for Talking with Your Body (Intelligence)

The Inelia thread: "Be genuinely open, interested and non-judgmental. (The key word is genuinely - this cannot be faked!)
Listen carefully - without interruption, rejection or denial - when you sense a communication.
Acknowledge whatever you're told (which may be in the form of graphic images or feelings, rather than words).
Empathize with and have compassion for past suffering. (Many bodies have been forced to do things to other bodies which they do not like to do.)
Tell your body that you are willing to listen and help in any way.
Tell your body that there are techniques for relieving deeply held stress, and ask your body whether it would appreciate your support.
Ask your body if it needs anything right now (could be food, or water, or sleep, or a long walk, or a cuddle from another body).
Close by telling your body that you deeply appreciate all the work it does to support you in your mission."

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