May 2, 2011

Some of the Abilities We Can Regain

The Inelia thread: "A couple of them are the ability to communicate freely with anyone on the planet via telepathy, another is the ability to manifest what we want or need at will (not necessarily only from thin air, although there are individuals who can do this, but also through synchronicity events). Another is to see a wider spectrum of reality than we can at the moment (visually, with our physical eyes).
One way in which we can regain them is to identify the teachings, blocks and energy (or implanted) constructs in our bodies which are stopping us, and releasing them.

And with regard overpowering the elite, I would say that it's not what we are doing really, we are simply taking our agreement away from their statement that they have power over us. We are simply no longer agreeing that they have a right to say or dictate how we live on the planet. That is all."

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