September 28, 2011

Great Sacred Fires of Purification into the Earth

Video: "An Important & Urgent Message Earth changes 2011- 2012 from the Ascended Masters "

Here is the DECREE THAT YOU CAN MAKE everyday!!!! Oh Mighty IAM Presence, Great Flame of God within me, through you I greet the Great God Presence I AM of every human being on this earth and those who are waiting for embodiment at this time. Oh Mighty I AM Presence in thy Great and Holy Name and Presence do we call upon you and thy Great Servants, the Angelic Hosts, and those who have gained their freedom in the Ascended realms and the Great Cosmic Beings, COME, COME, COME and your great Ascended Masters and Angelic authority and release the Great Central Suns Mightiest Oceans of Sacred Fires of Purification upon this Earth. So charge the environment of Earth, the Japanese Islands ,the Power of Nature, the Forces of the Elements. DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE the Great Sacred Fires of Purification into the Earth, the center of the Earth and all inner structures of the Earth that forces the purification of all discord and causes all discord to be removed from the Earth and all Her kingdoms and all Her environment. That this planet earth may shift into her next great all Christ Consciousness as quickly as possible. And Great Host of Ascended Beings you are watching, DRIVE Your Sacred Fires of Purification into those areas that are most sensitive at this time. That if they do not receive the Great Sacred Fire of the Heart Realm of the Ascended Master realms' that these areas could be the most sensitive in creating catastrophic conditions upon this earth. COME, COME, COME we DEMAND it in the name of our Mighty IAM Presence. We COMMAND it in name of the Ascended Jesus Christ by the Ascended Jesus Christ Great Command for the Great unleashing of the Sacred Fires of Purification upon this earth. DRIVE those Sacred Fires into the feeling side of all human life that silences the destructive use of human free will. Take up our calls and multiply them ten billion times. We Thank You, We Thank You, We Thank You. And remain in thy great service, use us in any way. Prompt us to rise into the Light and to stand in the Light and to make the calls for those who do not know of the greater activities' of Life. We Thank You. Almighty IAM, Almighty IAM, Almighty IAM

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