August 14, 2011

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Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. I come to you on this evening to share much insight. Dear souls, there are now many of us from the Galactic Federation who are putting forth our messages of Love and Light to an ever- increasing group of conscious ‘channelers’. There are many souls at this time coming forth with messages of the Light, and this is because the intense Love and Light being sent to your world has now gotten so strong that it has reached the core of many souls’ mental channels. As the ability of telepathy increases in one, one begins to re-establish personal contact with their former off-world guides and allies.

There are also many souls who are beginning to receive this contact, but are too shy in putting the messages out in public for all to see. Dear ones, I would first like to say that for those whom we are talking about, and they know who they are, it is completely understandable why they would not wish to have these contacts made public. However, those who are now beginning First Contact with us are beginning this for a reason; it was something that was chosen for them, by them on a spiritual level and it was prophesied that they would be sharing their messages at this time. I would like to guide to all souls now to detach from the illusion that is fear, for fear brings up many limitations and puts up many boundaries that become hard to peel off of ones’ being. Fear has kept many wonderful souls from doing great things. Fear has kept people from changing worlds, from changing Lives, in the most profound and wonderful ways. Fear is something that like ego, is now in it’s final death stages on your world and in your universe. This has been an ultimate goal of the Galactic Federation of this universe, and it has been the main reason of the concentrated efforts of Lightworkers currently incarnate upon Earth.

Dear ones, do you not understand how important you are to these end times? If you truly had our perspective of how important you were, you would not waste a single second of precious time on Earth. You would be using every single moment of the Infinite Now to grow, learn, and above all else enjoy your sacred experience upon Earth. Oh dear souls, we wish so dearly you could understand how sacred your experience on Earth really is, how lucky you are to be where you are, how coveted the positions you are currently occupying really are, and how much this experience should be cherished! Many put up illusions in their lives, to block themselves from receiving the sacred help and guidance they so desperately need and deserve while growing on Earth. Now is more than ever a time to detach from illusion as, like the ones you brand the Illuminati’s power structure, illusion has been damaged and transmuted with no possible chance of recovery. The old ways of separation and hatred are over, we ask you all to make way for the new Divine energies that are to proliferate every aspect of your Lives!

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