April 28, 2011

Headlines to Look for in Our Near Future

Washington DC Shaken. Rioting and Looting Continue
1.Emergency Meetings Being held by U.S. Senate and U.S Congress
2.Governors Call for Constitutional Convention
3.Worldwide Confidence Toward U.S.A. Remains Dim
4.Dow Slops and Drops to All Time Lows. Other Markets Tumble as Well
5.Emergency Meetings of Economic Advisors Called for in Europe
6.Asian Markets Seek Stability Within Asian Region. Pull Away from U.S. Begins
7.Martial Law Declared In Nation’s Capital
8.Resignation Fever Hits D.C.
9.Finger Pointing Continues to Fuel Resignation
10.Who Will Pick up the Slack?
11.New People’s Party Gaining Ground With Hearts
12.Jobless Rate Surpasses 32%. More Layoffs Immanent
13.The Big Freeze. Government Spending Is Halted Up To 50%. That is an interesting one isn’t it?
MB-yeah because that will create riots like crazy.
TB-And there are multiple directions but it was directed towards the educational system, particularly.
14.Martial Law Declared in New York, Las Angeles and Philadelphia
15.Lights Out. Rolling Electric Outages Expected to Continue
16.Here Comes The Sun. TB- I had this stuff before I saw the other with the Father standing up, so it is interesting how these tie in.
17.Oh That I had Wings That I would Fly Away. TB-That was one of the headlines. I had to laugh about. Yeah, wouldn’t that be easy to get out of it but it is not going to be easy.
18.The Night The Lights Went out in Georgia. TB- This is specific to the state of Georgia. That is around the Atlanta area, I am convinced, not only power outages and other things. MB-Like What? TB- I believe there will be some major problems of like rioting, looting and those types of things in Atlanta itself. Disruption in that area of our nation of Atlanta Georgia.
19.The Dark Night of the Soul. Plume Cloud Covers Half The Nation
That was the last one

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