March 8, 2012

Quantum Soul Alignment - The Science of The Praying Hands

The Science of Mudra (the Praying Hands)  Access To Creation Through Body Circuits During Prayer Have you ever wondered about the significance of the praying hands pose? In his book Awakening To Zero Point, Gregg Braden tells us that within the hands we have layers of circuitry which connect the primary vortex points of our chakras to various portions of our body, both internal organs and “contact points”  located on the surface of the skin.  In eastern medicine, these pathways of current are referred to as meridians or ley lines.  It is along these meridian lines that precise contact points are identified and used in the ancient sciences of acupressure and acupuncture along with other energy treatment modalities such as Through Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Quantum Soul Alignment Technique.   Intersection points (acupoints) may be stimulated to support specific nerve centers. The Science of Mudra is based on the knowledge of techniques used to access the chakra vortexes points through the meridians.  In the Eastern texts one aspect of this science is developed through the connecting of body circuits in various combinations, to produce specific voltages within the body, and the associated frequencies.    In the fleshy tip of each finger is an electrical contact point providing direct access into a chakra zone through one or more meridians.  Each fingertip is associated with one primary chakra, although it may also have a secondary access to other chakras.   When we hold our hands in the prayer position, the hands are placed in a special position to communicate with God, the Creator.  The Mudra of prayer is that of the hands facing one another in front of the body, fingers extended with the tips and palms touching one another.  The use of this Mudra is very common throughout the world, and is taught as the preferred form of prayer within the Christian traditions of the West.    What is not realized by most of us however is the reason for the Mudra.  Each of the fingertips through touching those of the opposite hand completes the circuits and provides access to the associated chakra zones and grids of the body simultaneously.  The net effect is enhanced through the contact of the large chakras located within the center of each hand, the palm chakras.  It is through these access points, the fingertips and palm chakras that energy-information-light is directed to other parts of the body.  For many, these techniques are almost instinctual, as they mirror a “knowing” from another aspect of their being.  Through the science of Mudra, prayer may become an intentional process of acknowledging a “oneness” with creation.      (I just had to share this because I love the description of why we use the prayer pose.)

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