October 13, 2011

The Four Exit Paths From The Greatest Starvation | Video Rebel's Blog

exit path 4 is the only real option. the rest are already in play: enough regional wars = ww3 enough local disease and famine = pandemic enough urban violence due to commodities shortages = “race” (class) wars the only question left to ask is the following. sure, we have reason to act. and we have a spirit of action, if not an action plan. but, to create such an action plan, we require more than a reason to move, and a movement in mind, we need a place to move to, a shape of the world that we wish to see realized rather than the one in which we live, now. and this, as yet, is still missing. i propose a medium by way of which these eventual ends to revolutionary action can be visualized. a medium rooted in natural energetics, necessarily delivering portraits of more or less sustainable institutional arrangements. a medium that show not only the ends of revolution, a new new world order, but the transition states that must be realized along the way. a medium that is intuitive, stick-and-ball simple, and yet as powerful as plato - it is not only the world in which we live, it is the stories that prop up the pillars of this world, that point us to right and wrong, good and evil. this was plato’s essential project, for all of the misinterpretations otherwise (i have yet to find a scholar in recent history who properly grasps plato’s intentions behind the ‘republic,’ for example), and it remains the most important philosophical project imaginable. in fact, i blame the condition of the world on the anemia of modern philosophy. philosophers have dropped the ball, and indeed there are few whom i would call “Philosophers” at all, and i have met many of them, read most of the rest, and condemn the majority as sophists pure and simple. these pissants have left Philosophy to the dead, to the Martin Luther Kings and the Christs and the Socrateses before that. not a one has the courage to practice this art, and without this courage, there is essentially no capacity. thus, practical wisdom, that virtue that Aristotle perhaps best recognized as necessary to sew the end sof the political world together in one unified and coordinated movement, in the best interests of all, is the rarest of commodities. and, it is for this lack of wisdom that communities will tear themselves apart. thus, to start, i encourage all to stop. think. feel your way from your own position to those of others. realize the difference. and build this bank of conscientious experience, so that, when the time comes, you can appeal to those whose ends seem at cross purposes to your own, and find a common horizon. it is on this common horizon that option number 4, so aptly given above, will show itself. Reply

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