October 10, 2011

#Celente, #Webbot, & #BixWeir all Warning Imminent Total Financial Collapse

Multiple respected prognosticators of an impending total western fiancial systemic collapse are making themselves heard today.

Their views, in general, are not new, but I thought it notable that all three are making their voice heard today.

So without further ado, I present to you for your own judgment, analysis and discernment:

You can take a listen to "Doom Pornographer" Gerald Celente here:


For the very detailed and historically often accurate (i.e. 911 & 2008 Crash)  Clif High and his Webbot:


If you want A LOT more detail, get his report with is worth, imo, A LOT more than $10.

And, last but not least let me fill you in on some words from Bix Weir and his Road to Roota Theory as of today.

Here's what I wrote on Friday related to the DEXIA issue...

"One of the largest derivative players in Europe is imploding as we speak. This will destroy ALL derivative markets across every continent. Watch for a bailout followed by massive market manipulation next week... followed by a total collapse."

The bailout happened as expected this weekend and now we are in the "massive market manipulation next week" part.  Stock markets are being pumped up by the banksters to hide the truth and to support the world's financial system a bit longer...but it will fail.
After this comes the "total collapse". 
Clif High of www.halfpasthuman.com has posted an update on his website related to his predictions of when the REAL chaos will start. You can find it here:
Funeral For A Zombie
"Our data suggests that the most likely target date will be October 17th (a Monday), after very shocking developments emerge on October 15th."
This falls right in line with my "Time Line" article that I wrote back in July:
"The markets may start to seriously convulse by late September/early October with the realization by the public that there never was a real recovery and it was all the hocus-pocus of Larry Summers and Austan Goolsbee with their "Behavioral Economics Model".
What follows will be the total and complete destruction of all paper and electronic "assets" over a period of chaotic months. All the pieces are in place to take down the banksters once and for all but it won't be pleasant. It's more like ripping off a bandaid.
Here's a very important article back in January... 
Transition 2011 & the Tree of Liberty

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