September 6, 2011

URGENT - Radiate Love Peace and Joy for the Next Three Weeks!

Kauilapele's Blog | Today's energies from Hawai'i…

URGENT WORLD APPEAL To all persons who hold the desire and the supreme intention to see reign permanently and in a definitive way Love, Peace and Joy, To help our planet and all it’s inhabitants to give birth to the New World, we ask to all ‘creators of light’, who feel as us the necessity, to make a commitment, vibrate and sustain permanently this state at it’s utmost intensity. This is urgent to create the necessary quantum jump which we need to be born to ourselves. To manifest your commitment, you only need to say aloud ” I AFFIRM THAT I WILL, FROM HERE ON, ALWAYS RADIATE LOVE, PEACE AND JOY, IN ME AND AROUND ME, FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL It is important to feel the emotion as being “in love” of what you want to obtain and to maintain this frequency in an ” almost obsessive” way, and naturally, to act accordingly. It is asked that you make this commitment for a minimum period of 21 days in order to create and activate the necessary neuronal and energy circuits

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