August 7, 2011

This One Gets Posted In Toto - Are you one of the Awake Ones?

WARNING: You may not like the answer to "What is Ahead," and(at the end of this post) are what some people might say about this post. 

Turmoil, confusion and uncertainty is today’s norm.

Challenges so great that the greatest will be challenged–it is beyond comprehension.

Change so monstrous and swift that hardly will preparation suffice.

Who among you can enjoy it?

Only the Awake-Ones.

What is different about Awake-Ones? It is a little thing. It is merely perspective. And how comes perspective but through knowledge and understanding. And was it not designed so? Does the Universe make mistakes? Does it owe you something? Nothing is wrong or imperfect in all the Universe, nor among man.

If you are an Awake-One, you know the truth of this message. If you are not an Awake-One, it is not your time to awaken, thus your fear is your teacher, and there is none greater than fear.

This time is the greatest time in Human history to be on Earth. You are not here by accident.

Events, and the experiences they bring, are unlike any time previous.

You relished the very thought of being here, whether in ignorance or enlightenment, whether on the dark-side or the light-side, whether rich or poor, enslaved or free, in peril or peace, for this time is the great clash of opposites on the greatest battlefield of all time. And you are here to enjoy it all, whether now, or after it is accomplished.

Why are you not an Awake-One? 
Why are you an Awake-One?

(The complete answer is in “The Book That Fell To Earth, which I will soon post here).

The Universe did not come about by happenstance, nor you in it. 
You are not a mistake that needs correction. 
Your persona that is your veil is perfect for the drama that is your life, and the dramas you create. 
There is nothing wrong in all creation–it is perfect 
for Intelligences seeking Enlightenment by Experience–which Intelligence you are.

The Universe (space itself and all that in it is) is a Conscious, Self-Aware, Intelligent Creator, and IT creates creators, and you are evidence of that creation, for are you not a creator in your own sphere?

What is it that ALL Conscious, Self-Aware Intelligences seek?

Whether the Universe itself or a manifestation of the Universe or a creation of that manifestation, what is it that all Intelligences seek? Is it not a simple answer?: Intelligences seek EXPERIENCES. Why experiences? What is there without them? Without experiences there is no knowledge, understanding or wisdom. And how come experiences without opposites, or opposition in all things?

Know this: You are an Intelligence seeking knowledge, understanding and wisdom by experience, and EVERYTHING that you do or that happens to you--whether hard or easy--will give you experience and will be for your good.

If you CAN enjoy all that is life, you are an Awake-One, if not, your time will come.

No one is on a wrong path. No one is doing the wrong thing. The Universe and all within is in perfect harmony.

Whatever you are doing, whether nothing (which is something) or fighting for freedom or looking to enslave, whether imploding the economy or rallying for its increase, whether complaining or thanking, whether oblivious to what is going on or knowing it all, whether mad at those who choose not to fight, or at peace with those that do fight, IT IS PERFECT FOR INTELLIGENCES SEEKING ENLIGHTENMENT BY EXPERIENCE.





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