August 8, 2011

Manifestation Cliff Notes in a friendly chat format

Jill:  well i was reminded to execute everything on spirit level

not human level

Jack:   mmm

Jill:  and it will be easier

Jack:   that is something i been doing a bit


 but like i totally go talk the the higher selves of my parents for example

or try to anyway

Jill:  i mean even my house

shes like put ur intention out there

and leave it to spirit

Jack:  yeah

 stop trying so hard mentally

Jill:   right

Jack:   that s the faith component

the let go of control without feeling vulnerable

although when you see it work beautifully any number of times

 its not really faith anymore

its knowledge

Jill:  true

Jack:   do you have any specific practice surrounding doing that?

Jill:   no,  do you?

Jack:   yes

quite detailed

if you are interested I can give you my shorthand

Jill:   ok

Jack: ok one is DBE

stole that from Silva




ok theres that

but the heart of it really

basic idea is just imagining picture is not enough

you want to connect that picture with feeling from your heart chakra in particular

and that "feeling" of whatever it is already manifested is really what you areaiming for

thats really the key point

so I like the DBE thing when I mix it with the above

Desire - what you want to manifest, obviously, materially or in a relationship or in your own attitudes or mental capability or whatever in socieuty etc etc etc for planet earth blah blah blah

Belief - that on spirit level you have infinte power wisdom knowledge whatever etc

Expectation - or faith that it will work - and this is also a good reminder to let it go at this point and and have faith that it will work

but really really the key is your sort of gut and heart chakra being in a place of the feeling that it is already manifested

Jill:  right

Jack:  and another key point is - just like negative thought cycles can go around and around

 you can increase manifesting power if you instead have manifestation thought/feelings going round and round instead

so there ya go

oh yeah

and don't forget to ask your angels to give you a hand if you want

but don't be afraid to just have faith in yourself as a creator too , if you are feeling ready to

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