July 26, 2011

10/28/11 is for the "Gifted - Kids on the Special Bus Get to Roll in on 12/21/12

A Message about…Those Pesky End Dates…10-28-11…12-21-12
Posted on July 23, 2011 by kauilapele
Where this communication comes from, I am not exactly sure. But it felt it had to come through now. Aloha, Kauilapele


So there is a question regarding the Calleman end date of 10-28-11 and the “classical” end date of 12-21-12. And controversy. “One is right, the other is wrong,” many like to say.

This is not an intellectual dissertation defense exam. The facts are these two dates are both in alignment with each other. The 12-21-12 date was a correct date on an old time line. That timeline is still absolutely in order, for those whose minds require it. And cannot be changed for those beings. They are stuck on it, and it will serve its purpose.

The 10-28-11 from the Calleman, based upon interpretation off Mayan calendars, is an updated timeline “end” date. Many of the New Ascension Timeline have chosen to speed up their ascension process, and that is why this date appears in the Calleman calendar.

This is a process, people. Not all ascend at one instant. Some are further ahead on that newer timeline, for a very valid reason… once they have reached a level of understanding, as of 10-28-11, they will be (are being) grouped so as to assist the much larger cadre of ascenders that will follow on 12-21-12.

Both timelines are processing out their required and pre-determined end points. Both must be allowed to unfold “simultaneously”.

Just as the Disclosure process has had to be continually adjusted and altered to align with changing consciousness conditions on Earth, so has the “end date” process also. All are being honored and assisted. All who choose the Ascension at this time, will ascend.

Whether this helps any is up to each. We cannot guarantee understanding. We offer this to all.

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