April 28, 2011

UFOs are all over the place! - Alien or government?

UFOs are all over the place! - Alien or government?: "Now, if any spaceship lands in your backyard and beautiful being come out and invite you their mothership in order to save you, make sure you ask for their Light ID. Ask them if they work for the light. If they don't answer the question, but instead give you an ultimatum or warning of things to come, then ask them politely to get off our planet. I can assure you that no light being will offer another to 'save them'. However, if they are offering to take you for a ride in their latest Model X spaceship, temptation might be too great to say NO, so ask them to come back in January 2013. If they have your best interest at heart, they will. If they tell you this is your only chance, don't forget what your mother told you about getting into stranger's cars, even if they do have alien puppies in there. Any ultimatum is fear based, and not advisable to comply with."

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