April 17, 2011

Playing with EM forces that breach into 4th Density Accelerates Realm Shift - Leaving exact change date impossible to determine

The Cassiopaeans get taken out of the Closet and off for a "Test Drive" by Laura Knight-Jadczyk: "

Q: (T) That may be why when we ask how long this process is going to take, this oncoming density change, they answer 'one month to 18 years.' And we were thinking that maybe they can't tell how long it is going to take for this transition point, this realm border to come through our section of space/time and do whatever it does. Maybe what they are referring to is not that, but what people might do in terms of breaching the barrier unknowingly. They are stretching what they know, and pushing onward, but they don't understand what this is all about.

A: Yes."

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