April 3, 2011

Hypnosis 101

Multi-Dimensional Soul Essences by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

After the induction I did what I normally do in such cases, which was to direct the subject to mentally create a "sanctuary" from which to work. This is a guided imagery exercise in which many things about the individual can be learned by the ways in which they describe their "private retreat" from the world. The general procedure is to find some aspect of the "sanctuary" that can be used as a "bridge" to the regression part of the session. For example, if there is a mirror on the wall, it can be used as a "viewing screen" to other times and places. If there is no mirror, but there is a window to the outside, that can be used. The available furniture is utilized for further relaxing the subject as he/she is instructed to get comfortable on the sofa/bed/chair that may be described, and the trance is deepened from that position. It's a particularly useful technique - sort of like hypnosis within hypnosis - because it gives deeper access to the subconscious mind while maintaining the "safety zone" for the comfort of the subject.

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