December 24, 2011

Benefits of of Co or Group Meditation

The Perpetual Raising: Part 2 | ®

Group minds based upon spiritual Intent, render progressive influences on the consciousness of each participant. Like any other body of organized individuals, each participant may draw upon the greater ability and strength of the collective.  Each meditator thus joined in fact, automatically receives great psychic benefits in the form of expanded love, clarity, energy and Divine connection.  The projected love of many individuals becomes not only additive, but exponentially greater in mutual benefit.  As meditators Intend spiritual upliftment for one another, they establish a reciprocating field of energy, (area of effect) which surrounds the group like an aura.  As group consciousness rises, the benefits for each participant become more and more profound.  Likewise, the higher the consciousness of each participant, the more spiritual benefit will be rendered for the group of which they have become a part.  Participation in a spiritually progressive group mind, the meditator will note, by no means implies any loss of individual autonomy.  It is instead an enhancement of every individual in the most profound sense.  The best qualities of all participants are manifest through each and every meditator. This Intentionally created group mind, represents a psychic reciprocation that can boost the participants indefinately, causing a “spiritual pooling of resources” and a mutuality of love, clarity, and vitality.  A spiritually-based group mind also creates a very potent “spiritual broadcasting” to the world at large.  Groups may take advantage of these principles of natural law, to psychically broadcast their spiritual consciousness around the globe.  These facts make such activities as global peace, and “World Light” meditations, more effective than is generally realized.   Such groups may employ their group mind force to Intentionally raise the state of world consciousness without potential limit, as briefly described hereafter…

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