October 30, 2011

On Becoming Multidimensiona

Lauren Gorgo 10-26-11…”11-11-11: Source Code Activation”…”This time in your life is one that will astound you” | Kauilapele's Blog

On Becoming Multidimensional We are soon to experience life as multidimensional beings, which the PHC say is one of exquisite undertaking…a way of living life through the perception of simultaneous realization & with the ability to focus through the incorporation of many dimensions of awareness…at once. This is not something that we have context for, so the Pleiadians would like to offer..to the best of their ability…a small frame of reference for those who will be entering this new landscape. “You are the first group of souls who will be utilizing your full human potential and christed-monadic capabilities. This means that those of you who are entering leadership, or earth stewardship roles, are those of you who have undergone a full 12 strand DNA activation and have enabled the extensions of your over-soul to do the same. This is the beginning of the new multidimensional human race, the seeding that will begin the long evolutionary journey home for humanity.” – PHC Unfortunately, my work is always a little ahead of me so I don’t have a complete understanding of what all that means yet, but what I do get is that those who resonate with this truth…that is to say, those who feel this to be true…will embed this reality within the matrix of man, thereby allowing the distortions of our human genetics to be returned to its original design. This, they say, is what biological ascension assures us, the propagation of a new-human race and apparently there are many of us here to exploit this divine opportunity. For those who are called into guardianship, stewardship or leadership roles, the 11-11-11 gateway is offering us the ability to not only anchor into multidimensionality, but to open the doorway to the christed heart within… that which commands usage of the sacred adamantine particle (the base-level particles that create all physical manifestations of LOVE). This opening will prepare us to utilize the laws of magnetic resonance…the universal design for creation in the new earth.

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