September 24, 2011


Be very weary and AWARE, ‘WHAT’ you ‘THINK’ and, ask your ‘SELF’ (more often), WHERE these THOUGHTS actually come from?

We are creators, not thinkers! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In my recent little RMN post and quiz or 'survey' about: "What else is faster than light-speed; and, by how much?", 'All' the responders (6 or 7 in toto), 'thought' (believed) that: THOUGHT was faster than the speed of light! And, When you realize that most people 'think' (believe) that their 'thoughts' are who they really are, or 'what' they are 'made of', And Given what the holy Bible and René Descartes, both told us long ago, that: "As a man thinks, so is he!" Then, IF you (as 'most' do) BELIEVE this, I say, World, please look out!! What you THINK are 'your' THOUGHTS, has - by and large, i.e. in the main - not even 'come from', YOU, and therefore have nothing to do with YOU, Nor does it tell YOU anything about, Who and What you Are, at All! We've all heard the saying: "Let's STOP to think for a minute", or, remember the teacher at school telling us to: "Think, think, think young man/lady? Did that help? Thinking, is just a journey into the PAST, of our own past experiences, as well as ALL of humanity's past thoughts etc. Did you KNOW that? DO you BELIEVE that? Hmm, no matter! It's true anyway; whether you 'believe' it or not, is YOUR business! Did you also know that, THINKING is almost, I say, ALMOST, totally unnecessary in the course of successfully conducting our daily lives? Did you KNOW that, or, can you even 'believe' that? 'Thinking' is all about remembering events or an experience from the past, and is generally, (95-99%) 'unnecessary info' in order to conduct our daily lives, as I said. And about the question: WHAT (else) is faster than the speed of light? Most responders said in answer to this second question "how much faster?", that: "instantaneous" is 'faster' than light-speed! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may now be 'ready' to answer another question and come to a 'scary' conclusion about LIFE itself, perhaps . . . . The question I now have for those readers who are moved to answer this next one: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Question 3: WHO is faster than the speed of light?? ----------------------------------------------------------------- When you answer this question 'correctly', it will open up a whole new paradigm or attitude, as to HOW you/we will live y/our life in the IMMINENT and Glorious Golden Know'l-Age of INSTANT Creation. The Divine Life I live is about CREATING - NOT Thinking. Is your life going to be about what you THINK or BELIEVE, Or about WHAT you will CREATE? Ponder on that THOUGHT for a moment - if you are not too busy or distracted by the all 'fear stories' doing the rounds. And then, you 'may' care to consider changing that old-age and age-old thought: Life is NOT about Stopping to THINK, but more about STOPPING to CREATE - A glorious New Morning and A Fresh Beginning, Starting right here and now.

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