August 16, 2011

Clif High 8/12/11

Temporal Markers

Sudden Blue Bankruptcy - USPS - floodgates for fiscal and economic problems. between now and 31st

Once in our human civilzation's event.

Rich people disturbance not being able to get gold out of storage.

Cross border trade issues - might affect bushies water rights in pguay.

October crisis.

Tropos and BIS

BIS will be opened up Oct 25 + Vatican stuff - intensity values

Collapse of BAC (bank of sicily - lol) and Citi ---> 55%+ unemployment

Lots of students are getting "laid off" the dole - this fall

Solar Storms?

Large cave refuge historically

Govt blocking access

Might want to check out any local caves

Nov 2012 Fed Irrelevant (IRS?) - begins early 2012

IRS moot after post office goes

September Worldwide Internet Issues?  Natural disaster hitting US - very large.

Look out Early Nov - crash cade - will coincide maybe with adjusted Geryl intensities - terra orientation

Transitions lenses commercials - white sun adaptive clothing

Nevada EQ - 17th - 19th

Monkey Mind - Equity Crisis Massive Scale October - Bonds Early November --> Petrodollar ie US Dollar Crisis

or Elinin info Oct - Crash of Church - Financial Crash - Political Chaos

Predominance of mkts Oct

Space Goat Farts Nov


Vipasana Meditation


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