June 18, 2011

One Choice / Thought at a Time

Messages from Ann & the Angels - 6/18/2011

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

You have the opportunity to change your lives one choice at a time. With each and every thing you say you can choose to speak in a loving manner or one that is less than loving. With each and every activity you perform, you can perform it in a conscious and loving manner or in a manner that is rushed or unloving. With every thought you think, you can choose to think more lovingly or to perceive the world through the eyes of anger and victimhood.

We are not saying it is always easy to choose love for the world has programmed you to protect yourself, to feel insecure, to rush through your days and get things done, and to feel that you must have pain to have gain. Far from this dear ones, we would say that love is the greatest protection. You are secure in God's love. The more you are present the more you can achieve without rushing, and that the less you choose pain the more you will gain what is of deep and lasting satisfaction.

Unlearning old habits takes time but we urge you to take ten minutes, an hour, or perhaps a day to attempt to infuse every thought, word, and deed with love. Although as with most habits, it may take time and effort to move into this new reality, the rewards are rich, long lasting, and deep.


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