June 18, 2011

Magnetic Anomaly - (bringing in comets?) and an EMP? 2012 to 2015

e Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He explained to me that he was working with certain institutions across the country in a major project that was to retrofit every satellite that was built before a certain date (date unknown). When I asked why, he began to explain further that there had been extensive research and monitoring of a Magnetic Anomaly that was movie through our galaxy and heading towards Earth. I asked if it was a Cosmic Wave and he basically said yes but remained a bit hesitant. The concern that NASA and JPL had was that this Magnetic Anomaly would disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field by means of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse).  The idea of the project he was a part of was to launch a massive space mission to upgrade old satellites to protect them from shutting down as a result of this event. I asked him if this would effect the entire planet’s power grid. He said it is absolutely possible. I asked him if this could be prevented. He wouldn’t say or didn’t know. I then asked him if this would be done through secret space launches to keep it from the public. All he would say is that there was preparations being made at the time to launch Unmanned Space Craft but Humans would be needed to make the upgrades. I then asked him when we should expect this wave to hit us at it’s most concentrated point. His reply was that the “Wave” is already effecting Earth and the rest of the Solar System but the climax of it was predicted to hit between 2012 and 2015. On another note about a year and a half later I met Dr. Brooks Agnew and he shared similar information on this topic. The discussion continued but this is the part I wanted to share for now.

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