April 26, 2011

Don't Be Tempted by the Dark Side of the Forcec

Remember how Annikin ended up on the Dark Side?

Reader, fwd: "...a Fearless Mind in a World Filled With Fear" & "Art of Discernment: Realizing You’ve Been Manipulated":

"Finally, I urge you to be the Divine being that you really are, and forgive those pathetic, hungry shadow dwellers who have fallen so far from grace that they do not believe they can ever be redeemed.

We do not need to fight them. Indeed, we must not. Direct opposition and conflict will only strengthen the energies of polarity and feed the shadow cloud. We simply need to stand strong in our Divine Light and completely stop feeding the cloud, regardless of what criminal acts these shadowy figures commit in order to trick us into hating them.

Please stand strong, and do not hate the shadow dwellers. Hate simply feeds the darkness, no matter how justified it seems.

Eventually, the shadow cloud will implode on itself when it is sufficiently weakened due to human self-empowerment and non-compliance, leaving the shadow dwellers without a power source. Perhaps when confronted with the inevitable collapse of their dark power, they will turn back to the Divine Light that nourishes all of life."

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