March 13, 2011

Some Reasons the 11:11 ers May be Pinging You

This kind of stuff is happening to an unprecedented number of people right now.  Each and everyone of us has a unique way to contribute to the whole - but finding that has always been a challenge.  I really hope this blog helps people understand what is going on so that they can find their way.  The following is an excerpt from

a) because they can prompt you, and others are not receptive. It does seem that most contactees have excellent latent psychic abilities. This follows - if they can
trigger your brain to look somewhere, or at a clock at the right time,
then they can impress a wider range of thoughts into your mind too.
b) or because you have unique skills or abilites that they would like to utilise
c) or because you are either already in an important role, or will be in an important role.  We are not suggesting you are running the country, but you might be
a teacher, or a painter, or a musician - someone who will influence
many people.

The Correcting Time will be a time when orthodoxy fails,
and folks will be looking for answers. And they will be fearful. They
will need reassurance. 

You may thus be the leading edge - the early
adopters of new paradigms.

(emphasis added)

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